Friday, July 25, 2014

FSOG Trailer Reaction and Some Stuff about China

I'm baaaaaaaack!

Not, of course, that any of you were actually missing me, I'm sure. But for the three of you who might've actually been curious as to where I've been for the past month after only 5 posts, I've actually been halfway around the world. No, seriously, like I was actually in Taiwan and China for two weeks. Yes, I climbed the Great Wall, and yes, I really am just that awesome. For anyone who actually might be interested, I'll try to post a few of the 400+ pictures I took (I would right now, but I'm currently at work glancing over my shoulder making sure I'm not earning myself any disapproving looks sooo...).

Anywho, now that I've finally come back from my hiatus, let's discuss that which none of us have been eagerly anticipating: the Fifty Shades of Garbage Grey trailer! Well, when I say "none of us" I really mean that I assume that all of the two people who read this blog are normal people with normally-functioning brains who are also not fans of the books; I, on the other hand, am a glutton for punishment with a rather twisted mindset, so I've been awaiting this preview for quite a while. And was I disappointed?

Um, yeah.