Sunday, January 25, 2015

Dangerously Bound- A NSFW Book Review

*sigh* Apparently this blogging business is harder to keep up with than I thought it would be. After not posting anything in four months, I probably shouldn't be surprised that I don't actually have any "fans" to disappoint. Oh well, at least now that we have that shitty 50 Shades movie to, uh, look forward to, I guess now I've got some sort of motivation to review the two other books before it actually comes out. Although, that is assuming reviews of these books are even still relevant by this point... god, I'm always getting around to everything so late. Does anyone even really care anymore? Wait, don't answer that, I don't really want to know.

But anyway! Until that time, I actually have a different erotic book review to whet your appetite! Oh, and a word of warning to anyone currently reading or who wants to read this book, SPOILERS AHOY.

Dangerously Bound- by Eden Bradley

I'll admit, I didn't exactly go into reading this with the highest of expectations, considering that I've never found the straight-up romance/erotica genre all that appealing to begin with, and my first forays into the realm of mainstream published kinky erotica--The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty and FSOG-- were disappointing with a few exceptions and horrendously awful, respectively. But I had been skeptically scouring the recent rash of  BDSM-themed novels, hoping that there might turn out to be something that would actually appeal to me. And for some reason, I thought I finally had with this one, when I found myself standing in the middle of Barnes and Noble reading it for 15 minutes. Looking back now, however, I'm not entirely sure what it was about this novel that drew me in.