Friday, March 13, 2015

Flash Fiction Friday #2! Plus Some Other Stuff.

I'm starting to realize that I really do need to come up with a stricter posting schedule for this blog. School and life and everything else is pulling me in a bunch of different directions right now, so it's kind of hard to stay focused on not only keeping up with book reviews, but also trying to incorporate more varied and original content as well. I suppose committing myself to posting a flash fiction every Friday is progress, but I don't want to let this blog become one short short story every week and maybe a review every once in a while. I think my pet project (or at least one of them, besides reading a new book to review, writing a story, and working on that sewing project I've been meaning to get around to for weeks) will be to make a set of blog "resolutions" for myself. I know it's way late for New Year's resolutions, but who says I can't make some blog-related ones now?

In other news, I did end up getting that summer internship I was hoping for! It's going to be a hell of a busy summer for me, but I'm really excited about it. Also, if I can find the time in the next few months between work, school, blog, and internship, there's a few writing contests coming up that  I'm seriously considering entering. If anyone would consider beta-reading a short story--or several--for me please let me know. It may not be for a while, but I'd greatly appreciate any feedback I can get from fellow readers/writers. Also also, it's been a while since I finished Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, so now I'm looking for a new anime to watch. I'm fairly new to anime, so besides the suggestions of my boyfriend I'm not really sure what's good. Right now I'm trying to decide between Psycho Pass, Blue Exorcist, Welcome to the NHK, and Knights of Sidonia. Although Kaze no Stigma sounds interesting, too. They give such brief descriptions on Netflix that it's hard to choose. So what do you think Leanne should watch? I'm open to any and all suggestions.

Ok, so this is Flash Fiction Friday, right? So I should probably get on with that already... I tried for something surrealist/horror this time, so this should be an interesting experiment.


She ran down the hall, but with each stride the distance from the far-off exit seemed to grow by a mile. Colors were too bright, and growing sharp; green walls, pink carpet, and rivulets of orange slime all stabbed at her eyes with their violent contrast.

The door was too far, she'd never make it. Then again, no one had expected her to, did they? No one had ever made it beyond the door; no one except one, and he had come out again "wrong". That's all anyone would ever say about it. At first she'd scoffed, thinking that he had at least come out at all. But now that it was her turn to face The Trial, she understood that perhaps to die here would be preferable. After all she'd witnessed so far, would she even be fit to pass through that gateway? Could her soul withstand it?

The brightness was too sharp for her to bear; she felt it in her very bones, heard it as a ringing in her ears. She stumbled along feverishly, her knees at last giving away. The floor came up to meet her as if in slow motion, but the fall was hard all the same. Her stomach churned and she heaved, a spray of rainbow chunks issuing forth onto the carpet. But there was no sound to accompany it; all around her the walls hummed, the vibrations of their vibrant colors drowning out all else. Beads of orange slime hissed and popped as they formed on the walls, oozing out of cracks like puss.

It was too much, she was going to suffocate. The sound was a gas, seeping into her mouth, nose, and ears, choking her. There was no escape but the door. She closed her eyes; when they opened again, the door was merely feet away. But now it was getting closer. And she couldn't move. Had it chosen her? Why? Perhaps it was no escape at all. Perhaps escape does not exist, only punishment. The door was inches away.

Maybe the trick was in how one confronted the door. And suddenly it was as if she'd reached a peak and jumped off, her fear spiraling up, then away into nothingness. Her mind was at peace, and her movement was restored. There was only one thing to do. As the door approached, she stood and launched herself at it, hurtling defiantly towards whatever fate had in store.

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