Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Liebster Award Nomination!

Thank you very much to Book Hooked for nominating me! The Liebster award is a chain award that was created by bloggers and is a tradition to make new friends in the blogging community. Being someone who is still somewhat of a noob in the book/writing blogging realm, I really like the idea of these awards. Both this and the Versatile Blogger Award  I was nominated for have lead me to discover a lot of great blogs that I might not have come across otherwise. I'm still struggling to find my place in this online community of bloggers, but I'm having a lot of fun doing so.


Link back to the person who nominated you
Give 11 random facts about yourself
Answer 11 questions from your nominator
Nominate 11 new and obscure bloggers
Come up with 11 questions for them to answer
Inform your nominees

Some more random facts about me:
  1. I'm 21 years old
  2. I've never read a Stephen King novel
  3. My favorite color is purple
  4. In high school I played bass drum in marching band
  5. I get worse sunburn than my ginger best friend
  6. I prefer fruit-flavored to mint-flavored gum
  7. I forgot how to ride a bike
  8. It's been a while since I've done much drawing, but I did take art lessons for 10 years
  9. I'd like to learn how to knit (but maybe I'll focus on sewing for now)
  10. I have a fondness for knee-high and thigh-high socks, and wish I could get away with wearing them in public more often
  11. I love to travel, and dream of travelling internationally as much as I can one day (if I can afford it, of course...)
Questions from Book Hooked:

1. Which book are you highly anticipating?- No yet-to-be-released books I can think of, my reading list is packed with old and already-released books as is. But I'm probably most looking forward to reading Storm Front by Jim Butcher. I've heard great things about the Dresden Files.
2. Have you ever stayed up all night to finish a book?- Yep, when I got The Hunger Games for Christmas several years ago. Started it the next day and spent all day and night reading it.
3. Which is your favorite series?- Harry Potter, hands down. 
4. What is your favorite type of food?- Tough one! Not sure if I have just one favorite. Chinese, maybe? I could eat rice every day. 
5. Which are your favorite T.V. series?- Mad Men, House of Cards, and Battlestar Galactica.
6. Which genre of music do you listen to?- It depends. I listen to a lot of 70's/80's classic rock, although I'm pretty into some move/TV soundtracks, too (I could listen to BSG season 3 all day long, Bear McCreary is right up there with John Williams in my book).
7. Which fictional character do you hate the most and why?- I hate everyone in Fifty Shades of Grey. Everyone except Kate. But sometimes I hate her, too. But choosing between an abusive, brooding asshole and a shallow, annoying idiot is too hard for me. I can't pick just one!
8. Which fictional character do you love the most and why?- Neville Longbottom. He starts off as such a woobie, but evolves into a total badass. He's more dedicated to the DA than anyone, and how many others would've had the balls to stand up to Voldemort the way he did? I always found him to be so relatable and wish he played a bigger role in the books.
9. Have you ever heard of Ben Howard?- Who?
10. Favorite Book Cover?- Another tough one. Can't say for sure what my favorite is, but I was definitely drawn in by the cover for Cloak of Shadows, which I have yet to read. 
11. Birth Month?- July

My Nominees Are...

My questions for all of you are:

1. What is your least favorite genre?
2. What are your favorite movies?
3. Do you prefer ebooks or physical copies of books?
4. Your least favorite book cover?
5. If you could have any magical ability (or type of magical abilities), what would you choose?
6. What is your favorite mythical/fantasy creature?
7. Favorite book when you were 10?
8. What real or fictional place would you most like to go to on vacation and why?
9. Is there a particular book/movie that you have an unpopular/controversial opinion on?
10. What book do you wish would be made into a movie?
11. Chocolate chip cookie dough: great ice cream flavor, or greatest ice cream flavor?


  1. Thanks for nominating me! I will let you know when my own post is up . :)

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