Friday, May 29, 2015

Double Feature: Flash Fiction Friday #6 AND the 12-Day Writing Challenge

I know, I bet you can hardly contain your excitement. But please, folks, just remain calm. I'm sure you were all crying yourselves to sleep at night for the past month without Flash Fiction Friday. But fear not! For I have returned.

Whoa, I said calm down
Ok, enough self-deprecating humor for today. So what is this 12-day writing challenge, you ask? Well, as this Writer's Digest article that my good writing buddy Eshirf linked me to so eloquently explains, it's a "12-day plan of simple writing exercises". Not strictly a "challenge", but we've turned it into one. Technically we both started with day one yesterday on Facebook, but whatever...

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I'm Baaaack! With a Review of Tomorrowland

Remember childhood, when summer vacation actually used to be a vacation? Sometimes being an adult almost makes me miss high school. Almost. Between final exams, moving out of my dorm, re-orienting to being back home, hauling bags of trash, Goodwill donations, and yard sale goods out of my room and giving it the first proper cleaning in years, starting my summer internship, starting my actual paying job, helping my mom to throw a surprise party for a family friend, going through post-semester boyfriend withdrawal, and just generally having a lot going on, it's not too surprising that I haven't had a lot of spare time or mental capacity to sit down and just write. Or read, for that matter. And yeah, I'll admit that there have been occasions during my moments of free time when I've simply been lazy, but for the most part the inner workings of my mind have consisted of this:

Pretty much.