Friday, July 10, 2015

Flash Fiction Friday #7! Plus Other Stuff

Fear not, friends! I have returned from yet another unscheduled hiatus. It seems like these days I've being taking more of these than I've spent time writing. It's not exactly something I'm proud of, but honestly I'm doing the best I can while working two summer jobs. Well, I'm probably not doing the very best I can, but it's not as if I'm not trying at all. It's just so tempting to just sit around and be lazy when I'm not working simply because I can afford to be in those precious spare moments. But I guess being a writer is all about making the time to, you know, actually write something. And honestly, I do tend to feel happier with myself after I've taken the time to write something, whereas I only ever moan and complain when I spend my day (or night) off doing nothing but reading yet another Grey chapter recap--which, for the record, I will NOT be reading, ever--or watching yet another Game of Thrones crack!video. Human emotions are the weirdest thing; all most of us ever do is just want free time to do what we actually want to do, then when we get it we waste it by being lazy, then we feel like shit for being lazy, but then instead of actually doing what we wanted to do in the first place we continue to be lazy until all our free time is used up.

Humans are so illogical...

In other news, I did have a semi-decent excuse for being behind on my blogging three weekends ago: I got to visit The Boyfriend for a family wedding, and also got to experience taking Megabus for the first time. The bus ride was... well, it was an experience. I've had worse, though (still beats being on a coach bus for 24 hours on the way to Florida). Maybe next time I'll take the train. But hey, in the end I ended up in the same location as the man I love, so it's all good. Also, we spend the majority of the weekend getting caught up on season 5 of Game of Thrones end ended up watching the whole season, because reasons.

We are best couple. It is known.
So, it's been a little while since I've written a flash fiction, hasn't it? I probably shouldn't put that off for much longer, because if I go for too long without writing something substantial my hand starts twitching and I get a little itchy. For once, this week's isn't based off of yet another Reddit prompt; instead, I've decided to try my hand at writing a creation myth for one of the major religions of my fantasy world which is the setting for the epic series I have yet to write (well, write most of, anyway). I apologize in advance if it's a little rough; as usual, this is rough draft-quality writing, plus one of my first attempts at writing in a flowery, "biblical" style, and not to mention the fact that I still have a lot of work to do fleshing out the tenets of the faith. Also, this is a vaguely medieval human religion, so any racism against dwarves or general political incorrectness might crop up. Of course, this isn't the only religion in the setting, so perhaps next time I might try writing a creation myth from the dwarvish perspective that looks down on humans.


Here Begins the Holy Scripture of That One Religion That I Have Yet to Name

IN THE BEGINNING, the world was but a sea of darkness, and in that darkness, chaos. So The Lord God stretched out his hand, and through His awesome power brought the world into perfect order. Now below His throne in heaven the world was smooth and blank, like a slab of marble before a sculptor. The Lord saw this and was pleased; as His joy grew, so did the light in the sky between heaven and Earth. Soon the sky was filled with brilliant light so that the whole Earth was warmed and the sea boiled away until there were lands among the waters of the world. Again, the Lord looked upon His creation and was pleased, and so blessed the land with lush plants.

Trees grew and flowers bloomed in the light of His joy, but in His great wisdom the Lord knew that life needs day as well and night. So He took the light in the sky and formed it into a great ball and called it the Sun; from the Earth He took the mightiest mountain and formed it into a ball as well, calling it the Moon. Into them He breathed the spirit of life, and decreed them the guardians of day and night.

God saw that His creation was good, but the Lord--being wise and all-knowing in the plans of this world--saw fit to put great beasts and creatures of all kinds on land and in the sea. Again, The Lord was pleased, but desired to create a being in His image to rule over the low creatures and tend to the garden of his creation. And so God reached out to the sun and the moon and took two pieces of each; molding them together in His hands like clay, the Lord created Man and Woman. Having formed them in His image from the spirit of life in the sun and moon, the Lord wept with joy, and with His tears were the man and woman blessed and purified.

Now, one of the angels in heaven, having the Lord's spirit of life within her, looked upon the world and on God's children and grew envious of His power of creation. Hoping to please the Lord by creating other men to share the Earth with the man and woman God had created, the angel took a slab of rock and carved it into the rough image of a man. She breathed into it as God had done with the sun and moon, but try as the angel might, she could not recreate the man that God had made.

In her folly, she stole a small piece of The Lord's power; feeling the power going out of Him, the Lord turned to the angel and grew sad that one of his first children would betray Him so. In His infinite mercy, God allowed the angel's creation to have the spirit of life, but declared that it would never become part of the race of men He had created. As punishment, the angel was placed on Earth in a stunted form, to be the companion of the man she had created. And thus the race of dwarves was born, while the children of God became known as the race of humans.

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