Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Mini-Reviews: Club Shadowlands and The Boss

Happy almost spring, everyone! I tried for much longer than what's reasonable to turn this into a "winter is coming/winter's almost over" joke to celebrate the fact that I'm almost done with A Game of Thrones and should have a review of it out soon, but sadly I failed.

Anyway... my blog may have been all but dead between August and January, but that doesn't mean I wasn't doing any reading. I joked a long time ago on my review of The Last Swordmage that it was pretty strange that despite the fact that I feel way more at home with genres like fantasy, don't usually care for straight-up erotica/romance as a genre, and always intended for this blog to host an eclectic mix of fiction, my early reviews almost solely focused on (mostly terrible) kinky erotic romance. And now it's been what, about a year since I last reviewed anything "erotic"? Oh, how things have changed (or not) since those early days. So after taking a much-needed breather, I decided months back to cautiously dip my toe back into the hot, steamy, sweaty Jacuzzi of erotic fiction. You're welcome, my friends, you're welcome.